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Main Legal Foundations for the Bundestag Election
Translation of the German Electoral Law (Bundeswahlgesetz) and other Main Legal Foundations

The Federal Returning Officer

Election ABC

Institut für Mathematik der Universität Augsburg
Publikations by Professor Pukelsheim

Calculation of Allocations by Apportionment Methods in the Internet
JAVA Tool from the Institut für Mathematik der Universität Augsburg

Electoral System

Parties and Elections in Europe
Electoral Results Germany and Europe

Electoral Systems and Stable Government
The Report of the Independent Commission on the Voting System

Electoral Reform Society
Analysis and information to many electoral systems with the emphasis on the single transferable vote (STV).

Report by the Independent Commission for the reformation of the voting system for the British House of Commons. Discussion of a multitude of voting systems.

Elections around the world
Election results from all over the world.

Elections and electoral systems by country
Links to many websites on elections and voting systems

Election Resources on the Internet (Western Europe, Germany)
Links to Internet sites around the world which provide complete and detailed national and local election statistics, by Manuel Álvarez-Rivera

by Wilko Zicht and Martin Fehndrich