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Wahlrecht.de (Wahlrecht: right to vote; electoral procedure) is an independent, non-party, non-comercial internet site about the topics elections, electoral systems, right to vote and polls.

The information on Wahlrecht.de (Wahlrecht: right to vote; electoral procedure) has been amassed, because there is incomplete or incorrect information on this topic on the internet thus far (in German) and because the press coverage has been continually misleading and incorrect time and again.

The lack of awareness in politics, media and law is even worse leading to an immense number of systemic mistakes and weaknesses in the design of the electoral laws. We refer to these weaknesses and hope to be helpful in their elimination.

The English language section of Wahlrecht.de only covers the German Federal Electoral Law and its occasionally strange features.

Wahlrecht.de is maintained by both afees in our spare time. Please keep that in mind, when asking yourselves, why parts are not finished respectively missing. However, we welcome any constructive criticism, suggestions for improvement, or active cooperation and are available for your questions.

If you maintain your own homepage, feel free to set a link on Wahlrecht.de.

Just send us an email to info@wahlrecht.de or leave a message in our Forum.
But please don’t forget: English is a foreign language for us.

Wilko Zicht

born 1976
Law Student

E-Mail: zicht@wahlrecht.de


Dr. Martin Fehndrich

born 1968

E-Mail: fehndrich@wahlrecht.de