Comparison of the German to the UK (Scottisch) PR Electoral system


Differences Scottisch - German electoral System

Scottisch Parliament German Bundestag
No. Of Seats
  • 129 fix
  • 73 constituencies
  • 56 party list
  • 598 (+overhang seats)
  • 299 constituencies
  • 299 party list (+overhang seats)
threshold natural threshold in regions (about 5-6%) 5% of total party votes or 3 constituencies
calculation method Divisor method with rounding down (D'Hondt, Jefferson) Quota method with greatest remainder (Hare-Niemeyer, Hamilton)
kind of overhang in separated regions. intern.
dealing with overhang The overhang is taken from the other parties, to reach the given number of seats in a region. Remain and increase size of parliament. Neither compensation for nor taken away from other parties.
independant candidates Successful Seats are just taken out of number of PR-Seats Successful Seats taken out of number of PR-Seats. Party Votes of their voters are ignored to prevent double success of votes.
type of regional party lists Independant regions: Party lists independent in different regions for calculation. Using Divisor method with rounding down (D'Hondt, Hamilton) gives an advantage to bigger parties. Regional lists of one are connected. The treshold is valid for a party. The total number of seats is calculated for the party as whole and then sub-distributed to the regional lists.
PR reducing elements
  • parallel usage of divisor method with rounding down,
  • overhang seats
  • taking away the overhang from the other parties
  • overhang seats
  • threshold clause
strange effects by-elections without new calculation of regional list seats (Incentive not to win a Constituency in the first place) negative weight of votes


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